The perspective of a moth

How about being an invisible moth, surrounded by your invisible world, and gliding over a cityscape during the deep night? How would you reflect that nightscape inside of you? Would it be bright and shiny, or dark and foggy? Chaotic and noisy, or calm and quiet?

Gliding, aka City Moth – watercolor on paper

For me? It would be both. Bright and shiny from the outside, dark and foggy from the inside. Chaotic and noisy when you are down there, immersed in the city life; calm and quiet, when you are just a night moth and you are gliding over the city from above the sky. And, wherever you fly on, the noisy city becomes silent, almost motionless and stuck in an infinite present.

This watercolor was realized a few weeks ago, on an A4 paper. I used colored pencils and markers for the details. I took a common Luna moth as a reference for the silhouette of this painting, which would embed a modern cityscape on its inside. I am sort of new to painting cities or any modern-looking view, as I usually prefer uncontaminated nature and fantasy scapes. This time, I just wanted to step out of my “comfort zone” and try something new and unusual.

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Lost in the rainbow

Rainbow Mountain – 12X12cm, acrylic paint on canvas

A few years ago, I came up with the idea of making a bucket list of the places I would want to visit in the world, sooner or later in my life. Later on, I turned the list into a PowerPoint presentation, where each slide showed the name of the place, the location and a big picture of it. Nowadays, I go back to the PP presentation, every once in a while, and either add a new place to it or just scroll all the pages to contemplate and imagine being on that place and how it would be like.

One of the places on that list is definitely the Rainbow Mountain, in Cusco, Peru. The first time I bumped into a photograph of that place, I was immediately mesmerized by the harmony of so many colors’ combination on ONE MOUNTAIN! That’s amazing!, I thought. And, never seen anything like that!

Recently, I’ve been visualizing myself while being lost on such a mountain. All the otherworldly sensations that the dusty colorful mountain would bring with itself and letting myself be completely immersed in such sensations and atmosphere.


And if you imagine being there with your favorite person, too? That’s even more amazing, isn’t it?


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The Butterfly Maiden

Have you ever heard about the Goddess of butterflies? Well, some ancient cultures celebrated Spring and rebirth of living creatures with the dance of  this goddess, who brings fertility and blessing to the world.

The tradition of depicting the Goddess with butterfly’s wings belongs, indeed, to different cultures. Hopi Native Americans call her Polik-mana (POE-lick MA-nah), or Butterfly Maiden, and regard her as a kachina (spirit being). Every spring she dances from flower to flower, pollinating the fields and flowers and bringing life-giving rain to the Arizona desert (Wikipedia).

Interestingly enough, Greek mythology also portrays the goddess of soul and wife of Eros, Psyche, with butterfly’s wings, as a symbol of rebirth, as she defeats the Death and comes to a new life. Just like in the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

2018-03-14 15.25.37
Butterfly Maiden

In a very attempt to honor and welcome the upcoming Spring, I have made this illustration, by letting myself be inspired by the aforementioned Butterfly Maiden. In my iconography, a tiny little spirit, butterfly-winged, is lightly floating around a large white hibiscus flower, gently taking care of it. The little maiden is more like a fairy than a full goddess, as I wanted to give her a more humble and delicate essence.

Differently from an immortal goddess, my little spirit is as ephemeral and frail as the flower she is taking care of. Hence, she better embodies the characteristics of Spring and butterflies, and, ultimately, of life itself. In fact, she (and the flower) will come back to life the next Spring and, then, die when Springs ends, and then be born again in an endless cycle, which stands for the infinite process of life.

Is there a Butterfly Goddess in your culture? What is the legend behind it?

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Introduction and new artwork

Baptized – Full picture.

It was just yesterday when I finished my last piece: 33×40, watercolor on paper, titled “Baptized”. I was expecting a lot from this work, being the first elaborated painting after a long break I took from last year. I was kinda nervous, too, that, perhaps, I had lost exercise and did not know how to paint anymore. But, fortunately, my muscle memory was still there and my creativity played a large role, too.

So, here I go, on my ‘just started’ journey to become a full-time artist. I am a self-taught artist, who has been studying drawing and painting techniques by herself. I have been told that I have an artistic soul and a creative mind and I always feel at peace with myself, whenever I draw or paint something. Put that all together, and here is my dream: becoming an artist (or make a living out of my art).

Back on the piece. I believe that everyone should give their personal interpretation to it, and there would be no right or wrong, because what is good about art is the fact that everyone is free to see whatever they see in it. Art is beautiful because it is versatile and can be adapted to everyone’s taste and judgement. With that being said, here is the author’s introduction of the piece’s story.

A feminine slim figure is slowly diving in what seems to be a water spring. She has a shiny lunar-like grey skin tone, as if she is not from this world, or she is a fae spirit of some sort. She is showing her back. A nice white glow surrounds her. She wears nothing on her but a light pink cherry blossomed crown. Some petals are tearing away and floating in the gentle breeze.

The moon in the sky seems to be the only other “spirit” in the picture. And its white and pure ray of light caresses the nude fae right in front of her. It is like it is trying to touch her, to embrace her with its purity. All around, the darkness. Light fog and mist. The two pure figures touching lighly and gently. All is immobilized for a moment. Then, she is ‘baptized’ by the moon.

This was the ‘story behind’. What do you guys think? What is your interpetation of it? And how do you like it?

Also, the painting will be available for purchase, very soon. If anyone is interested in adopting it, please, let me know. Then, I will tell you about all the details in a private message. I hope you like this visual story and feel free to leave a comment, before you leave the post 😉

Have a lovely day, everyone!

Tulip Bulb